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Five Misconceptions about Teaching at a Business School

[First published in LinkedIn on May 21, 2019] “Those Who Can, Do. Those Who Can’t, Teach”…Really? When teaching becomes our daily chore, we are prone to behaving like “copy-paste” consultants focusing more on checking the hours in rather than on improving the #learning experience. Erich Griebling in his 1940 article in The English Journal candidly…More

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Globetrotting as a Real Estate Academic

[First Published in LinkedIn on April 4, 2019] Going abroad for work or study is almost a fad in many engineering colleges of India. As an undergraduate student, I subscribed to the fad. When at home (even in a country as culturally diverse as India), I naively perceived ‘Western’ countries as a socio-cultural monolith. Despite…More

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Strategic Application of Real Estate Indices

Excerpts from a keynote lecture delieverd by Dr. Crocker Liu during the HFE Conference 2019 hosted by EHL Lausanne (Switzerland) Dr. Crocker Liu, the Robert A. Beck Professor of Hospitality Financial Management at SC Johnson School of Business (Cornell University) addressed an audience of industry-leaders and academics during the HFE Conference hosted by EHL Lausanne.…More

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Four Critical Components to Hospitality Real Estate Investment

[First published in LinkedIn on October 5 2018] Each hotel is a real estate asset. A student of hospitality business, therefore, must master real estate competencies. Learning how to work with numbers is an essential pre-requisite to claim a leadership position in the industry. These were some of the practical insights shared with the students…More

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